Love is light


For my warmly honoured and lovely

friends from Java


The moon is sleeping between the red east und the darkblue west


Between full moon and half moon phases

Between recording and dreaming

Between yesterday and tomorrow


He appears every night in different shape,

silver, yellow, reddish

And obviously wanders through the world,

from Berlin to Java

From the island of the rising sun

where you live

to the cold Europe.


Nevertheless, the moon is always the same,

independently what we see,

the clouds or one of his various forms.


Like the light too:

It strives effortless through the universe,

and if we open our eyes we can see

the endlessly magnificient diversity of its colours


The blinking white of the snow in Germany, like diamonds in the sun, the deep blue of the oceans,

the red of Javas blossoming trees

and the wonderful brown of your skin.


All that and much more wonders of light are eternally present, and it does not matter whether we remark or ignore them.


The same is true for love.


We all were born resulting from this magic force, from the joy of diversity, of the beauty, of creativity

From the evolutions` call for love.


And within all of us is the seed for non ending love

Which is simply present, like the moon or the light,

No matter whether we remark or ignore it.


If we trust on its existence,

If we trust that its fruits are objects

to be presented to others

If we succeed in give the Seed the opportunity

To grow and even to blossom


Then we are rewarded thousand and more times, endlessly more than if we pay attention to the moon or the light.


Our senses present us signs we did not know before

Emotions, we never before remarked,

Colours, sounds, tastes and smells

In a harmony which formerly seemed to be impossible


We now can admire the wonder of life.

We laugh with the kids and the old people


We care for the life sourrounding us, in all of its forms. We learn to breath consciously to enjoy the air and each touch of a loved person in an unknown intensity



And slowly we begin to feel:


We belong to the WHOLE

We are part of the net of life

We never can be kicked out of this net


Because energy cannot disappear

It can only change superficially

Like the colour and the shape of the moon.


The former lonelyness weakens

And gives room for a warm feeling of connectedness


Love is light

Love is endless

Love is energy

Love is life

Love is hope

Love is a really new beginning