General Introductory Courses at Universities of Goettingen, Greifswald, Innsbruck and Berlin University of Technology

·        Positive Psychology

·        Sustainable Development

·        Personality Psychology: Constructs 

·        Personality Psychology: Theories

·        Developmental Psychology I: Chronology of Development

·        Developmental Psychology II: Theories and Methods

·        Educational Psychology


Specific Lessons

·        Methods for Graduating Students (since 1994)

·        Methods of Differential Psychology and Diagnostics

·        Diagnosis and Correlates of Values and Life Goals  

·        Differential Psychological Issues of Sustainable Developmet

·        Personality Psychological Constructs of Positive Psychology

·        Developmental Psychology Theories  

·        Environmental Education

·        Research Course: Diagnostics of Flexibility of Human Behavior

·        Research Course: Diagnostics of Metacognition

·        Research Course: Diagnostics of Wisdom

·        Research Course: Historic Conditionality of Individual Conscience


Practice Courses

·        Computer based Data Processing for Psychologists

·        Personality Diagnostics

International Collaboration, Teaching and Research Stays

·        Poland,      1987: Prof. I. Kurcz, Warschau, Polish Academie of Sciences, Prof. T. Maruszewski, Poznan, Adam-Mickiewicz Universität

·        USA,          1997: Prof. T. Kasser, Galesburg, Knox College

·        USA,          2001: Prof. W. Schultz, Californian State University San Marcos

·        USA,          2002: Prof. A. Bandura, Stanford University; Prof. S. Oskamp and Prof. M. Csikszentmihalyi, Claremont Graduate University, Prof. W. Schultz, Californian State University San Marcos

·        Canada,    2004: Prof. R. Gifford, University Victoria

·        Japan,       2005: Bioenergie Promotion Tour, Universitäten in Tokyo und Yamagata

·        Indonesia, 2006: Visiting Professor at Satya Wacana Christian University Salatiga /Java; Bioenergy Promotion Tour at Universities in Yogyakarta and Bandung

·        Taiwan,     2006: Bioenergy Promotion Tour, Universities in  Taipeh und Hualien